November 10, 2011

"Made of Metal" Actually Gets Noticed!

November 8, 2011

"Made of Metal" is Released!


October 31, 2011

What a horrible night to have a curse!

  • "Vampire Variations" is now available! It's got 19 awesome remixes from Castlevania, including two by me! Download it for FREE from!
 vampirevariations pic

September 24, 2011

"Vampire Variations" Preview

  • Even though my own EP is coming out in November, you'll get more VikingGuitar before that! "Vampire Variations" is a 25th Anniversary album for the original Castlevania, one of my all time favorites. It's got lots of awesome stuff from lots of musicians, and I've got two songs on it. Here's a teaser!

September 19, 2011

"Made of Metal" Preview

  • My upcoming EP "Made of Metal" is going to be out November 4th! Here's a video preview! Don't forget to "LIKE" me on Facebook!

August 7th, 2011


  • The 25th Anniversary Metroid Album "Harmony of a Hunter" is now live and available for free download! 36 tracks by 24 remixers! Visit the site here. I also did most of the site design, and am proud! You can also email the site admin there and express interest in purchasing a hard copy of the 2-disc album! ENJOY!!!

July 6, 2011:


  • The new VikingGuitar EP is officially in the works! Looking like it's going to be around five or six songs and should be out in November. Art will be done by FoxxDragon, who did the first album artwork. The working title for the album is "Made of Metal", and not just because it's awesome metal music...
  • Both of my Castlevania songs are done for the 25th Anniversary album. They're called "Ballad of the Gears" (Out of Time) and "Swamp Ripples" (Stalker). The album will be out later in the year.
  • The 25th Anniversary Metroid Album "Harmony of a Hunter" is coming out soon. I have two tracks included on it. Here are two previews!

March 2, 2011:

Stemage just released a vocal remix of the "Final Boss" song from his Alpha Squad Soundtrack. Why am I mentioning it? First off, the whole soundtrack is awesome. Also, I did the vocals and guitar solo for the remix! Check it out at here. Check out his full album here.

Also, I have lots of stuff in the works. I'm contributing two songs for an upcoming Metroid compilation and two MORE songs for an upcoming Castlevania compilation! Details will follow...

January 16, 2011:

Finally! Some new music! Check out my new Borderlands song, "Setting Sun!"

November 30, 2010: